writers diet

We are what we eat. This truth, although it seems to be painfully banal, the fact is that it is the truth. And our condition really directly depends on the products we absorb. Depression, irritability, fatigue – this is, without a doubt, fast food and snacks on the go, or even on the spot. let’s discuss writers diet.

writers diet

But a bad mood and well-being cannot but affect work. And okay, if it’s mechanical. So, creative people cannot rely on the whims of mood, because all this will be reflected in their works, provided that they have inspiration at all.

Therefore, people of art, including writers, should pay great attention to their diet. Their head should be clear, their thoughts should be clear, and their mood should be positive. What foods contribute to this? Let’s figure it out together for writers diet.


Serotonin is called the “happiness hormone”. It is assumed that a person who has an abundance of serotonin is always positive. This means that he can handle any creative task.

The hormone of happiness is produced naturally by the body. However, we can stimulate its production. To do this, you need to eat sesame seeds and almost all types of nuts, broccoli and spinach, poultry, especially duck and turkey, bananas, cheese and oatmeal in milk.

Lack of B vitamins

Lack of B vitamins causes depression, distracts attention, impairs memory. Beef, green salad and other vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts help to resist this. Nutritionists call these products “creative vitamins” because a creative person cannot do without them. Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are also opponents of depression: you can replenish their supply with the help of fish – salmon, sardines, tuna.


Dopamine is a “pleasure molecule” produced by the brain. Activity, coordination and craving for knowledge depend on its quantity. According to recent studies, in a person over 20, 6 per cent of dopamine receptors die off every decade, which can lead to depression, decreased attention, and impaired abstract thinking. It will help restore their food rich in proteins – meat, fish, beans, eggs.


Talent is a must for a writer. But the clarity of mind is equally important. The trace elements magnesium, zinc, iron are called to preserve it. They stimulate brain activity, concentrate attention, develop logical abilities. Magnesium should be found in avocados, cereals, beans, lentils, and apples. Poultry meat, grains, liver are rich in iron. Seafood and pumpkin are a source of zinc.

Nutritionists called manganese “the keeper of optimism”, thanks to this microelement, a person thinks faster and feels self-confident. Foods with fibre are rich in manganese – cabbage, beets, cereals.


Anyone experiences it daily. And he wants to eat something as soon as possible. If you can’t do it at all without food, it is better to do it with healthy products – berries, almonds, you can even use dark chocolate. By the way, if it is real, it not only removes irritability but also promotes the production of endorphins – “cures for everything” – which, in particular, heal mental wounds and increase creativity.

Having understood the properties of products, any person of art can now easily increase the productivity of their creative work by adjusting their writer’s diet. But here, as in any other business, the main thing is to observe the measure.

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