what is a keto diet: keto diet plan for beginners in 2020

what is a keto diet?

what is the ketogenic diet? So you may have heard about the ketogenic diet or read about keto diet plan blog posts. Facebook posts and Instagram posts and a lot of people have claimed they lost a lot of weight. When it comes to the ketogenic diet you may be wondering what the heck is the ketogenic diet.

what is a keto diet

Well, let’s talk about this. So there are a couple of different ways in which we can get energy from our body’s fat protein. And carbohydrates and what the kytogenic does is that it tries to get all of your energy sources. For fat so you metabolize fat and by doing that. We’re able to hopefully lose the fat in your body to get you in what’s called ketogenic state.

when you’re producing a lot of ketones as a byproduct of having fat being metabolized. And being used as energy this is part of the spectrum of the low carbohydrate diet. So actually began with the Atkins diet and has progressed on to different diets in the carbohydrate diet. Overall this type emphasizes minimizing carbohydrates maybe 20 to 60 grams per day.

keto diet

And really using fat as an energy source and fat as a main source of your food is taking. So according to the proponents of the ketogenic diet by emphasizing fats and minimizing carbohydrates. Your body will shift its energy source from using carbohydrates to switching to fats. And that actually causes a condition called ketosis.

And a lot of people actually check their urine. Yes, I actually said that they check their urine to see if they’re in ketosis. Because ketones are actually secreted in the urine. And you know you can actually physically check for that when you’re in ketosis.

Now there is good clinical evidence for using the ketogenic diet. For certain conditions, one of the first and most evidence is actually.

Childhood epilepsy

There’s a lot of good evidence that actually going on a very high-fat diet. And using ketones can actually help out with childhood epilepsy the other condition actually.

Types two diabetes

There’s some pretty good evidence to suggest that type-2 diabetes. May be a condition in which you may benefit from using a low carbohydrate diet.

keto flu fever

Now one of the more common complaints during the ketogenic diet is what’s called the ketogenic flu. Which is that first couple of weeks when you really get rid of carbohydrates. A lot of people feel sluggish they feel tired they have body aches. They just don’t feel really really good and that’s what’s called the ketogenic flu.

what is going on is that your body is switching from carbohydrates as a primary energy source to fats. And it’s producing those ketones causing the ketogenic flu to occur usually by the third or fourth week. When you’re on the ketogenic diet that’s when you’ll get over the ketogenic flu. And a lot of proponents state that this is the point in time. When you start to lose the weight that you want to lose.

But, in essence, the ketogenic diet is one of the low carbohydrate diets. That is out there and there seems to be some good evidence for certain conditions.

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