Watermelon Diet: watermelon diet recipe in 2020

The diet that we are about to share with you is capable of eliminating the fat stored in your body and eliminating toxins as well. The diet is mainly based on the consumption of watermelon, this impressive fruit whose slimming properties have proven to be very powerful. The dose of the watermelon should be set in a balanced way to assure you the loss of 7 Kg weight loss.

Watermelon Diet

WaterMelon diet is effective and watermelon benefits are unbelievable, watermelon is diuretic and ensures the cleaning of the human body. Its regular consumption facilitates the elimination of waste in addition to the fact that it is low in calories and rich in water. It is mainly composed of water, antioxidants, and vitamins with fiber to maintain good intestinal transit.

When eating watermelon you get two nice effects: a complete cleansing of the body and weight loss, your weight will drop by eight pounds in 2 weeks.

Watermelon – the largest berry in the world and best fruit for those who are suffering from hypertension, circulatory failure, nephritis, gout, liver and bile ducts, obesity.

Can you lose weight by eating watermelon?

The arginine content of watermelon makes it a naturally fat-burning food. This substance also oxidizes glucose due to the ingestion of fast sugars. Its low carbohydrate content (7 g per 100 g) makes watermelon compatible with an anti-diabetes diet.

Full of fiber, watermelon (the other name for watermelon) is good for digestion and satisfies the body with very few calories. Its diuretic and detoxifying qualities complete the reasons for adopting it as a food that does not make you fat.

As a diuretic, and the dietary properties of watermelon help people with these diseases to facilitate their health, especially if you make a rule five times a day to organize a snack of this precious fruit (at one point, you can eat 300-400 grams).

In fructose watermelons, vitamins, trace elements. And with all of that watermelon flesh, you won’t be adding extra pounds, as it’s low in calories (only 38 calories per 100 grams). However, there are a few basic rules to follow:

Do not eat watermelon before or immediately after a meal, so as not to cause digestive problems, and especially not watermelon black bread jam as recommended by some experts.

Watermelon Weight Loss History

This giant berry cultivated by the ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago. In Russia, the first watermelons began to grow only at the end of the 17th century. Before that, they were brought from overseas countries as an exotic delicacy. In addition, they feared raw, cooked with peppers and only then eaten.

When Peter the Great, they were dipped in sugar syrup and served the royal family for dessert. However, even then, since no one had tasted the juicy fresh watermelon flesh without any treatment.

But those who have decided to resort to the watermelon diet, it is recommended, on the other hand, have watermelon in pure form. And then the watermelon will be your faithful companion during the days of fasting. However, please note – fresh watermelon days should not be more than five years old.

This period is ideal for getting rid of a problem (toxins, excess water, unwanted salts) and gaining more. If you firmly decide on the mono-diet watermelon path, all you have to do – is to store a good amount of watermelons.

During the day, you have to eat a kilo of juicy watermelon paste 10 kg of body weight. Such rigid discharge mode is not necessary to resort to people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, diseases of the pancreas, urolithiasis.

And the rest of you must also monitor their sensitive condition and listen to your body. Perhaps such a harsh diet was too much of a burden for your body. What it can tell you is signs such as the severity of abdominal pain, bloating, and other discomforts.

If the alarm of this type has been received, keep the time due to safe supply.

In addition to purifying the whole watermelon body diet when you get another nice effect: losing weight, your weight will drop by about three kilograms.

If you are not going to stop there, you can continue your watermelon marathon another ten minutes. This period is built much sweeter. Breakfasts and lunches would consist of ordinary food, and for dinner, you could treat yourself to a giant spoonful of your favorite fruit – the rate of 1 kg of flesh in the weight of 30 kg.

However, like the dump dinner trying to previous meals was also not much “boot”. Recommended for breakfast to eat unsweetened oatmeal and a little cheese for lunch – vegetable salad with a small amount of fish, poultry or meat.

Watermelon Jelly Recipe

Watermelon Jelly Recipe

And at the end of the diet, you can even treat yourself to raw dessert again from the watermelon. This will help you steer your diet on the right track and not rub directly on the usual high-calorie treats to reward yourself for such a long period of asceticism.

So try making your own watermelon jelly, and maybe you want to give up on the heavier candies permanently. You can enjoy watermelon in the form of jelly as well in order to elude monotony.


  • Watermelon: Half peeled
  • Organic lemon: Half peeled
  • Edible gelatin sheet

Half a watermelon and half an organic lemon, peeled. A sheet of edible gelatin.


Cut the half-watermelon and pass it to the Thermomix for 10 seconds on power 10. Filter this liquid to remove the seeds. Remove the seeds by filtering this liquid and pour it into a Thermomix container. Now cool it down at 38° for 4 minutes. Soften the gelatin in a plate of cold water and then incorporate it into the warm juice. Pour the preparation into cups and keep them in the refrigerator so that the consistency is perfect.

The beauty of this dish is that almost every stage of transition makes it already possible to feast on. Maybe for someone perfect, it would not be the end product and some of its variants.

When we talk about slimming diets, most people think that it is the starving diets that achieve the best results. It is by eating healthy that you will be able to lose weight.

By getting used to eating sweets like candies and cakes, your body learns to store fat it doesn’t need. As a result, you find yourself, after a few days, with considerable overweight, even chronic obesity.

You can use it for five days and make it a part of your dinner and other meals.

  • Dinner: Watermelon dinner up to 3kg
  • Lunch: Steamed vegetables and fish
  • Breakfast: Low-fat dairy and whole grains

The Benefits of Watermelon

The Benefits of Watermelon

With only 30 kcal per 100 g, watermelon is a precious source of vitamins. This fruit contains 569 IU of vitamin A and 8.1 mg of vitamin C, good for tone. Its calcium content (7 mg) combined with its vitamin D level promotes strong bones.

Rich in potassium (112 mg per 100 g), watermelon contributes to the proper functioning of muscles. Low in sodium (1 mg per 100 g), it can be consumed during pregnancy without the risk of raising blood pressure. Made up of 90 or even 95% water at 0 calories, this fruit quenches and provides its beneficial properties to the body.

The watermelon at night weight loss has proven itself: it would lose 5 kg in 5 days.

Lose 5 pounds in 3 days due to the watermelon diet

Diets are a year-round solution for those who want to lose weight; however, it is during the first months of the year that they are most essential. Indeed, it is at this point, after Christmas, that many people begin to think of the much desired summer body.

How does the watermelon diet work?

For three days, you are supposed to eat only watermelon. Three watermelons of nine kilos which can be consumed during this period, without timetables. This ensures that you lose weight. Why ? Because watermelon has few calories (26 per 100 grams), there is therefore a drastic reduction in the calories ingested daily. In addition, this fruit is rich in water, which helps not to be hungry throughout the day.

This type of diet is sought after by many people because it does not require commitment or a change in their eating habits in the long term. However, if you don’t change your habits so much, the likelihood of gaining weight is high.

Watermelon diet pros and cons

  • The watermelon diet, for example, has been widely used. The strengths of this method are that it helps to lose weight, eliminate fluids, toxins and reduce inflammation. Or, at least, these are the benefits that can be read on the Internet, among the many comments from people who have already tested this diet. Many claim that it is possible to lose up to five pounds in just three days.
  • This type of diet is somewhat restrictive and does not encourage a shift to healthy habits, as there is no indication of what the diet should be after the three days. For this reason, it is not a recommended method. But there are exceptions.
  • A healthy person can do this diet for three days without harming their health. And if you follow a balanced and healthy diet after the watermelon diet, it can give you the boost you need to get started. Basically, it’s about whether the method fits your lifestyle. Deciding to do it as a last weight loss attempt is not a good solution.
Final Thoughts

Overall, you should not follow the watermelon diet for more than 5 days. Indeed, it can have side effects on health. However, you will need to resume a healthy and balanced diet afterwards.  To conclude, it should not be forgotten that an exercise routine and drinking lots of water daily is essential in order to lose weight.

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