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Caffeine: just an apparent pick-me-up?

Caffeine is a stimulating component of luxury foods such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, mate, guarana, and cocoa. It is colloquially referred to in teas as “Teein” or “Thein”. Caffeinated plants are common in warm climates. It is found in the seeds and leaves of the coffee bush (Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta, Africa) and in over

Healthy nutrition for beautiful skin

It is, therefore, an important task to give our apprentices an awareness of healthy living; – To impart the knowledge to you to come to your own understanding of the importance of “being healthy” and “to be healthy” and to be able to pass this knowledge on and apply it in your job. The question of nutrition

How much poison is in our food?

Admittedly, a sensational question to which there is, of course, no general answer. But a study commissioned by GLOBAL 2000 and its European umbrella organization now provides details. Conclusion: In three out of ten Austrian residues, the herbicide glyphosate has been detected in the urine. And that is by no means the only questionable substance in our food. Despite

The most popular nutritional misconceptions

Over time, many misconceptions and half-truths have formed about nutrition. All things that we have heard from childhood, but that are not true. But what is right and wrong about the widely held views? We have put together common nutritional errors for you. When it comes to nutrition, research is carried out, and tests are carried out to

Whey protein – composition and effects of whey protein

Whey protein, i.e., whey protein, is often classified as better for muscle building in the field of food supplements than other proteins, but is that true? In addition to caseins, whey proteins are the second, smaller protein components of mammalian milk. They actually have a high biological value, which means that the body can easily produce its

Christmas baking – sweet, fat, and unhealthy!?

At Christmas, in particular, you don’t want to go without cookies and other goodies. However, this often means an increased intake of fats and, thus, also of the less good, saturated fatty acids. You can also pay attention to a conscious diet during Advent. Christmas is all about cookies, Christmas stollen, and Co. The Christmas bakery is

How useful are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are more popular than ever – the market is booming! Amino acids are said to help with weight loss, and biotin to ensure a radiant complexion. But according to scientists, the miracle pills seem to have no positive health effects at all – on the contrary. What nutritional supplements can and cannot do? Here is the

Do energy drinks really give you wings?

Energy drinks are supposed to drive away short-term tiredness and lead to an increase in performance. This is mainly due to its main components, sugar and caffeine. The body’s own substance taurine is also said to have an invigorating effect, although this has not yet been proven. However, the high sugar content of 11% promotes tooth decay and