Pro Ana Diet: Principles, Facts, and Risks (Guide 2020)

Losing weight is the goal that many women want. To achieve by all means. The pro ana diet plan is the solution adopted by a movement. That advocates extreme thinness and anorexia as a way of life. This is a pretty rough diet that involves losing weight and burning all the calories. Very popular, this slimming program gives rise to very shocking opinions and testimonies. This movement is now a real sect composed mainly of young anorexic girls. Who no longer see this as a disease, but as a choice and a sublime goal of life. The leitmotif of pro-ana: thinness is beauty, and you can never be too thin. To better understand the mood of the movement. Here are the 10 pro-ana commandments that can be found on all sites.

Pro Ana Diet

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The 10 Pro-Ana Commandments

  1. If you are not thin, you are not attractive.
  2. Being thin is more important than being healthy.
  3. You have to buy tight clothes, cut your hair, take diuretic pills, fast, … Do anything that can make you thinner.
  4. will not eat without feeling guilty.
  5. You will not eat caloric food without punishing yourself afterward
  6. .You will count calories and restrict your intake.
  7. What the balance says is most important.
  8. Losing weight is good / gaining it is bad.
  9. You can never be too thin.
  10. Being thin and not eating are signs of true willpower and success.

Note: The pro-ana commands are given for information. Beware this diet is very dangerous. It has serious consequences on health which can go as far as death.

The 10 commandments are a succession of worship to the extreme thinness. Their mottos: lose weight quickly and massively and in particular lose weight on the thighs. For this, it is to remove all the calorific intake stored in the body. By different means and in particular drink a lot of tea.

The food restriction is considerable and draconian for a long time and the BMI drops visibly.

The goal of the method, much more than a simple desire to slim down to feel good about yourself. Is modelled on a lifestyle rooted in extreme thinness. All the follies are good for achieving your goal. Including techniques to reduce muscle mass through sports exercises. At least 5 times a week, natural laxatives taken in large doses, induced vomiting, and much more.

The Principle of the pro ana ultimate diet

The basic principle of the pro-ana movement is to lose weight quickly and considerably. To do this, it is important to melt all the calories stored in the body by several and different means. The pro-ana technique involves making a fairly drastic food restriction for a long time. That is, you should avoid eating foods that are extremely rich in protein, fat, oil, carbohydrates, vitamins, and much more.

The goal of the pro-ana method is to achieve extreme weight loss. It is experienced as an accomplishment, an ultimate goal in itself and not a means; All the follies are good for getting there, even if it means adopting all the techniques. Aimed at reducing muscle mass through sports exercises, detoxification cures, dangerous diets, taking laxatives, induced vomiting and much more.

Different Opinions on the Pro Ana Program

Through several sought after opinions, it is essential to know that the pros ana advocate leanness. Most of them have a real psychological problem causing them to lose weight without limits.

This slimming diet consisting of eating maximum calories per day is a real health hazard. Knowing that the body needs more calories to function properly, this diet is a real aberration.

It is true that this diet allows you to lose weight quickly, but it causes many nutritional deficiencies. In addition, eating only salad, soup and many other light meals becomes very tiresome and painful to follow. Thus, this type of diet can easily cause a yoyo effect after a short break.

The pro ana diet is a real trap for people complexed by their image and who have real psychological disorders.

The pro ana diet is advocated by many adolescent girls who give their advice and their meals online.

The health hazards are very real and on the moral side, the same is true.

The motivation can quickly drop and very often, this type of diet is accompanied by intensive sport. Hence the risk of discomfort and other health difficulties, sometimes even an evolution towards death.

The “Pro-ana” epidemic of anorexia (nervous anorexia) is spreading rapidly among younger people. ‘Pro-ana’ is a new word that combines pro, which means affirmative, and ana which means anorexia. Recently, accounts that claim to be Proana are spreading on Twitter. These are mainly women in their early twenties. They share how to post and eat (eating and vomiting) posts with hashtags. Such as ‘dog dry’ and ‘bone dry’, how to throw away food, and how to starve for 30 hours.

Twitter user A, who introduced himself as a Pro-Ana, introduced his diet by saying. “The maximum fasting period that was successful was 10 days.” Mr B, who runs a Proana account, is a teenager. “I chew and spit the meal,” said Mr B. “In this way, we are looking for a friend to lose weight with.”Another teenager Proana account manager C said, “I want to fast, but it is too difficult.”We can’t help avoiding Proana doubt.”

They are not unaware of the dangers of formal life. I am fully aware of the fact that anorexia is a disease, such as calling myself a “psychiatric patient”. However, they insist that they will not change this eating habit. One Pro-ana account operator said, In a society that loves dryness, the reality of sadly criticizing the Proana method is sad. Please don’t be a little out of here,” he said.

The most prominent step is the “Pro-ana Diet,” a diet that follows the lifestyle of anorexic patients. Open a Twitter account and become a Pro-Ana until you reach your target weight. After that, if you achieve the goal. You will feel the achievement by deleting the account as a means of achieving it. They share the eating habits of the Pro-ana account, the so-called ‘honey tip’. Leaving posts such as ‘Let’s stay together until there’s only bone left’. ‘I’m going to die at a fat bar’, ‘I’m so envious that my ankle is held in one hand’. However, I do not mind extreme diet methods such as taking medicines such as constipation and diuretics habitually beyond hunger.

Furthermore, the Proana controversy over anorexia was a social problem in the late 2000s. However, the recent proana trend is different from the past trend in that it forms its own community on SNS. They rely on each other on Twitter to encourage anorexic behavior. On Twitter, ‘We can be 40kg. My friend is losing weight and keeping it like this. ” If you’re hungry, eat rice in front of a mirror that looks ugly as much as possible. Then you can spit it all out. ‘

Experts diagnosed the pro-ana epidemic as a “self-destructive and blind phenomenon” and recommended prompt treatment. “Nerbal anorexia is a disease that is prone to become chronic. And has the highest mortality rate among mental illnesses. With a fatality rate of 0.56% per year,” said Jung-Kyung Jeong, a mental health specialist at Inje University. Eating Disorder Mental Health Research Institute. He said, “When anorexia nervosa develops in the adolescence period. When one’s own values ​​and identities are formed. It can have an emotional and physical negative effect.” It could even lead to amenorrhea,” he warned.

The reason why these trends spread in the teens and twenties is that high school professionals said. “The social atmosphere that compels you to have a skinny body and a perfect body to be loved and happy. It will lead to a chronic and blind diet for the people.”It is the beginning of treatment that allows the patient to feel the need for treatment. So it should be treated as soon as possible with the help of family and neighbours. ”

Professor Yul-ri Kim of the Department of Mental Health, Seoul Paik Hospital said, “29.3% of the information. On anorexia online is a pro-ana content that advocates for anorexia.” did. “Adolescents are greatly influenced by their peers. So when adolescents are immersed in this information, their perception of the body is lowered. And they pursue unrealistic underweight.” By doing so, we must protect the youth from adverse effects.

The Dangers of the Pro Ana Diet on the Body

It is necessary to know that the pro-ana diet is quite dangerous for health. This is a diet that seeks to lose kilos too quickly and in huge quantities. As a result, women and girls who follow this diet. May experience a drop in energy and fatigue throughout the day.

This is a diet that has a bad direct impact on health. Because it does not provide all the nutrients necessary for good health. Vitamin, carbohydrate, iron, and minerals. With this type of food deprivation, exposure to serious complications is very common (such as anorexia … etc.)

The pro ana diet is extremely dangerous for health. Young women who follow this diet can very quickly experience a drop in energy and great fatigue throughout the day. This is due to the fact that the daily energy intake and calories are very low.

It can also lead to serious vitamin deficiencies. This diet has a serious direct impact on health. Since it does not provide all the nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body.

This diet does not include minerals, iron, and carbohydrates. With such food deprivation, exposure to physical problems is almost systematic.

The Dangers of the Pro Ana Diet on Mental Health

In matters of mental health, it is important to know that. The pro-ana advocate thinness and all its means to achieve it. This leads to social isolation and extreme dependence, especially among young people.

The vast majority – if not all – of these people end up having real eating disorders. Accompanied by psychological problems pushing them to lose weight without any limit and to almost no longer consume calories.

In addition, eating exclusively soups, salads, tea, and natural laxatives. Quickly becomes frustrating and boring. Which can lead to serious depression or cause you to regain all those lost pounds, and sometimes more.

Moreover, this type of diet can therefore easily lead to a yoyo effect. After a short time while being very harmful to your brain.

If this type of diet has real meaning for those who try it, it is not free from risks. Between the blog, challenge and other typical meals offered. It is easy to get carried away by the promises of rapid weight loss. But beware, the dangers are real and can in many cases lead to death.

 An Influential Community 

Cult of thinness, the demonization of nutrition, assimilation of fat to laziness; the program is cold in the back and looks like a bad joke. Except that … with the rise of blogs, forums and other participative sites. The pro-ana movement has grown considerably, and today represents a real web community.

The community in which the pro-ana claim their art of living. The happiness of weighing 38kg for 1m60, share tips and advice to lose weight. For example, “Drink a glass of water every hour, you will feel full; take long cold showers, your body must burn calories to return to normal temperature; prepare a list of excuses to say when you don’t want to eat … “.

And to motivate themselves. The sites are full of photos of pro-ana muses, celebrities renowned for their thinness, women with skinny bodies….

 A complete aberration. But which unfortunately attracts more and more young girls. influenced by the cult of thinness conveyed by magazines, fashion, advertising … And who fall into anorexia without warning, reassured and delighted to share an ideal with an entire community.

However, if pro-ana sites never mention disease or death, it is because anorexics are in denial of the disease. They do not want to get out of it. And transmit to young impressionable girls the “values” of a lifestyle as if anorexia were a choice. Anorexia, however, is not an art of “living”:


In conclusion, the pro-ana movement is a real nutritional and psychological imbalance. People on this diet do not eat properly for a long time and lose weight constantly. As a result, they are no longer beautiful to look at, since they only drag loose skin and protruding bones. So it’s a pretty risky diet, and it’s unfortunate when you see the result.

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