Food that serves as a supplier of magnesium

Magnesium (chemical symbol Mg; atomic number 12) is an essential mineral. The problem: the human body cannot produce it itself. For this reason, consumers have to take in sufficient amounts of magnesium themselves every day through food. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), a healthy

How much poison is in our food?

Admittedly, a sensational question to which there is, of course, no general answer. But a study commissioned by GLOBAL 2000 and its European umbrella organization now provides details. Conclusion: In three out of ten Austrian residues, the herbicide glyphosate has been detected in the urine. And that

How useful are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are more popular than ever – the market is booming! Amino acids are said to help with weight loss, and biotin to ensure a radiant complexion. But according to scientists, the miracle pills seem to have no positive health effects at all – on