lemon water diet: 7-day lemon diet in 2020

7 day lemon water diet 20lbs In 2 Weeks

Today’s we are going to discuss how the lemon water diet can help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks. The theory being that lemons have a property that allows you to suppress appetite and burn fat more rapidly.

lemon water diet
lemon water diet

So when I did a little bit of research. I came across two things, lemon water diet and lemon fast. So we’ll cover both of these and why they may or may not work.

The lemon diet was a two-week approach. Where before your first meal of the day you’ll take the glass of water. And on the first day, you’ll squeeze in the contents of one entire lemon and drink that down. Sometimes I saw that they suggest adding some sugar. So creating a lemonade drink before your first meal of the day.

Now the lemon water diet what I saw was you are not supposed to change anything else about your lifestyle. Though it did it does mention that you should reduce your calorie intake or eat healthier. During the two weeks, the lemon fast approach was basically something very similar. The only thing you ingest for an entire day for two weeks is this lemon drink. And again it was lemon juice from us squeezed from eleven. Along with sometimes sugar added of like syrup or something to sweeten it so basically a lemonade drink now.

These are two vastly different approaches, and you will get vastly different results. The lemon diet adding in a lemon drink first thing in the morning. If you change no other variables in your lifestyle. Such as how many calories you’re taking in. How many calories you’re burning throughout today how active you are any of those things. If you change no other variables, you’re going to see no benefit. If you feel that adding an alum in the drink is the kickstart that. You need to make your approach to dieting better.

Then I’m all for it sometimes we need that placebo. We need the idea that okay we’re doing this thing. That’s finally going to give us what we need to make progress happen. However fat loss weight loss changing your life does not happen by a single change. It’s not a pill it’s not a drink it’s not a mantra that you repeat in your head. It’s an entire campaign about changing how you approach your body your physique your lifestyle.

That is how fat loss is done okay guys so adding in one drink not going to change. If adding in that drink causes you to therefore start doing some cardio. Start taking more walks being a little more active paying attention to your diet making sure. You’re getting a nice full rich diet of Whole Foods and you know gets you to stop drinking. Maybe so much soda or so much alcohol then it’s going to help.

but if you just do that alone. There is going to be little to zero benefits now let’s talk about the fast anytime. We fast when we stop ingesting calories of any kind our body. Then goes internal and starts burning calories from stored energy the most abundant source in our bodies. Of stored energy is fat or adipose tissue well. When you stop ingesting calories in a very short amount of time. You’re going to find that your body begins to burn the fat use the fat for energy.

we are going to switch from a glucose-based power source to a keto-based power source. If you’ve heard of the ketogenic diet. This is one way you can get into ketosis very quickly by fasting. The body then switches to breaking down fat for energy. Now does this mean we are going to see 20 pounds of fat loss in two weeks.

I highly doubt the rate at which we burn body fat is not that quick. However, you can definitely as much as 20 pounds of weight loss. In that time because when the scale changes that drastically. It’s mostly going to be associated with water weight. That has nothing to do with how much water you drink when you ingest carbohydrates the body stores. Those carbohydrates in the body’s tissues such as muscle along with water the term carbohydrate.

Means it has to be stored with water that water carries weight quite a bit away. When you remove carbohydrates from the diet and the body has no more left. It then has no water to store so you will see a drastic drop on the scale. Due to this water weight, you may also notice softer muscles some people will report that they’ve lost strength.

Because carbohydrates in the muscle cell allow us to perform. So there will be some reporting of that now have you lost muscle. No muscles are very resilient it’s been shown that it takes up to three weeks to lose power if you stop training it. However, it just depends on the population of the person. We’re speaking to here are you someone that trains with weights regularly you might not notice much of a difference.

Because of those that resist this train with high-frequency notice that they store more fluid in their muscles. Okay, we have a fuller look to us. So if you are interested in purely seeing the scale drop. And you need a drastic change in your lifestyle well this fast might be for you.

My Recommendation

However, I highly recommend you speak to a doctor or a medical professional. Before you enter anything like this okay some precautions need to be taken. If you are going to stop eating food of any kind okay and ingest a medical drink. Don’t trust the internet speak to a doctor fasting does have benefits.

Actually, I’ve seen some amazing stories of fat loss. For those that enter a fasting diet. Okay, But again it has to be medically supervised. And done properly, So that’s going to be it for me today guys the lemon water diet the lemon fasts both different approaches.

I’ve given you my opinion. If you have questions or comments on how to kind of navigate this process. I would love to help let me know below.

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