How to lose weight quickly?

Losing weight quickly is not good for your health, but sometimes a fast diet is necessary.

How to lose weight quickly?
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Losing weight quickly is not good for your health, but sometimes a fast diet is necessary. It should not be discounted, because only quick weight loss will help to get yourself in shape for an important event (holiday, swimming season, photography). So what is the fast diet?

Fast weight loss

What is the principle of losing weight? All food consists of three components: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. All three components are very important and play different roles in the body. An overabundance of one thing leads to violations.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. They are necessary to move, play sports, solve intellectual problems. Carbohydrate foods are generally the most nutritious and high-calorie foods. However, all unspent carbohydrates are stored and become overweight. If you sharply limit the body in carbohydrates and at the same time increase activity, it will begin to draw energy for life from fat reserves. This is fast weight loss.

You can quickly lose weight if you really have a lot of these reserves.  For quick weight loss, abruptly stop eating flour, sweet, potato dishes and start moving a lot. It is dangerous to start with intense sports right away; first stop using the elevator and transportation at short distances.

Remember that even the fastest weight loss diet will not work if your desire to lose weight and excess weight is a figment of your imagination. Instead of the desired result, you are more likely to get unwell, fatigue and low blood pressure. There is nothing reprehensible in the desire to lose weight quickly, however, with low fat reserves, a diet for fast weight loss should be special.

Best fast weight loss diets

A fast weight loss diet in a week is, as a rule, a variation on the theme of detox and fasting day. However,  buckwheat deload is not the fastest diet. Buckwheat contains a lot of carbohydrates, and weight gain is possible in the first days of the diet. Do you want to lose weight fast? Then completely switch to protein nutrition. Proteins are responsible for the structure of muscle mass in the body, they give the skin elasticity, which will reduce the stretch marks that are likely to result from a diet for fast weight loss.

Fastest diet

Fast weight loss

Do you want to lose weight fast? Then don’t expect it to be easy. It is better to start fast weight loss with complete unloading on kefir. You can drink no more than a liter or two of low-fat kefir per day, during the day you can satisfy your hunger with apples. Such unloading lasts no more than three days. Then move on to your diet. The fast week diet includes boiled eggs, chicken, steamed fish, plain yoghurts, tomato juice, vegetables and fruits (excluding bananas, dates, and figs).

A fast and effective diet necessarily includes foods rich in fiber: cabbage, citrus fruits, dried apricots, almonds, ready-to-eat fiber in the form of bran. Fiber speeds up digestion, cleanses the body and helps you lose weight quickly. 

Lose weight quickly without harm

If you decide to start fast weight loss with hard unloading, then in the first days, limit your activity and gradually increase the load on the muscles.

Do not include natural fruit juices, especially pineapple and orange juices, in your fast weight loss diet. They are very concentrated, which can harm the stomach during exercise.

Drink as much water as possible during a quick weight loss . Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water   and drink the water half an hour before meals (but do not drink immediately after meals and do not drink food). Do not salt steamed meat and chicken – salt removes fluid from the body.

Fast weight loss is possible!

Fast diets in a week will give a result of 3-5 kilograms. Dramatic weight loss is not good for your body anyway, and frequent practice of even the best fast diet will lead you to digestive problems.

It is impossible for the body to lose weight quickly without stress, and you must remember this. If the situation does not require you to lose weight quickly, do not pursue instant results. The fastest diets are practised by fashion models, ballerinas, gymnasts before important and responsible events. If you don’t want to hit the Victoria Secret runway tomorrow, you might as well choose a different diet. 

Diet by blood type

The blood group diet is convenient in that it does not require a losing weight to count calories, points and study the composition of foods. It is enough to know your blood group – and use the compiled menu.

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Diet by blood group: I group

I blood group requires animal products: meat, fish, seafood. For garnish, choose buckwheat or legumes. If you are used to bread, stop on rye, but limit yourself to the quantity. White bread, wheat products and cereals should be discarded.

Losing weight by blood type is possible if you exclude cabbage, corn, citrus fruits, potatoes and sugar in any form from your diet. Lean on seaweed and liver – variations on allowed foods. Drink green and herbal teas. Coffee and strong tea are contraindicated.

Diet by blood group: II group

Holders of the II blood group should eat like vegetarians. To lose weight on a diet for blood group II, you need to give up dairy products. Cottage cheese and low-fat cheese are allowed in limited quantities. If you cannot live without milk, choose soy. Soy foods generally help you lose weight.

Blood group II recommended vegetables, fruits (especially pineapples), vegetable oils and herbal teas. Drink juices: carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry, but not orange. When it comes to alcohol, opt for   red wine.

Diet by blood group: II group I

According to the diet for the  III blood group, you can eat dairy products, poultry, meat (except pork), fish (but not seafood). Eggs, liver, veal will help to lose weight. Useful buckwheat and tomato juice should be discarded. They are not included in the diet menu for II blood group I. You can drink unlimited quantities of grape and pineapple juices, raspberry tea. 

Diet by blood group: IV group

Holders of the IV blood group are lucky: there are the least restrictions in their blood diet. This is especially true for drinks. You can drink coffee, teas, infrequently – wine. Lamb, turkey, the rabbit will be useful from meat. From fish products (except for the fish itself) – cod liver. But not seafood! Just like in the blood group I diet, you shouldn’t eat corn. Buckwheat is not recommended, as well as owners of III blood group. For a snack, choose vegetable and fruit salads (but don’t eat sour fruits!) And nuts, especially walnuts and peanuts.

Diet on buckwheat

The buckwheat diet is perhaps one of the healthiest diets. The results of the buckwheat diet are weight loss, improved well-being, healthy skin, hair and nails. Buckwheat diet for weight loss is also good for the prevention of stomach diseases.

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Buckwheat diet for a week

You can spend a whole week on one buckwheat with absolutely no harm to your health. A weekly buckwheat diet is an effective and safe way to quickly lose weight. Buckwheat is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin B contained in buckwheat increases the body’s resistance to stress. The effect of the buckwheat diet is both weight loss and cleansing of the body.

However, the result of the buckwheat diet will not be visible immediately. Buckwheat contains a lot of carbohydrates, besides, the cereal itself has the peculiarity of swelling in the stomach, which creates the effect of weight gain. However, a buckwheat diet will give a guaranteed result in a week. Plus, unsalted buckwheat removes toxins and excess water from the body. 

Buckwheat diet: secrets and subtleties

The buckwheat diet has its own characteristics. Nutritionists do not recommend boiling buckwheat in the usual way, since boiling deprives the cereal of many useful elements. For a diet, buckwheat must be soaked in boiling water overnight. In the morning, if necessary, drain the excess water – and the buckwheat is ready for use.

A buckwheat diet deprives the body of sugar, therefore, in the first days of a buckwheat diet, you will feel tired and may have a headache. To make up for the lack of glucose, drink a glass of warm water with a diluted spoonful of honey. 

Buckwheat diet and vegetables

After several days of mono-diet on buckwheat, the menu can be diversified. Buckwheat goes well with vegetables and herbs, but not all! buckwheat diet allows you to eat all varieties of turnips, radishes, daikon with porridge. buckwheat can be supplemented with parsley or sesame seeds. These products act “along with buckwheat”, ridding the body of extra pounds.

Buckwheat diet and drinks

A buckwheat diet allows you to drink as much water (simple and mineral without gas) and tea (black, green herbal) as you like. If you really want to, you can drink coffee without sugar, but only one cup. Every morning buckwheat diet should be started with a glass of water with honey – this will give energy and help prevent fatigue and headaches. During and after the buckwheat diet, it is useful to drink juices: orange, carrot-apple, celery juice, beets.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

Kefir-buckwheat diet is another variant of the buckwheat-based diet.   Kefir should be 1% fat or fat-free. You can pour kefir into the cereal, or you can use it separately.

Kefir-buckwheat diet is a way out for those who suffer from hunger before bedtime. Despite the benefits and low calorie content of buckwheat, it cannot be eaten three hours before bedtime. However, with severe hunger, you can drink a glass of kefir. You can drink up to one  liter of kefir per day (other drinks, combined with a buckwheat diet, are not excluded).

Reviews of buckwheat diet

The buckwheat diet, when properly followed, guarantees weight loss. The more excess weight, the faster weight loss will begin. Those who have sustained the buckwheat diet agree that the effect is worth the effort. After a buckwheat diet, the body feels like after general cleaning. Buckwheat diet in a week can bore you so much that, having achieved the result, you will start eating in your usual mode. But after a buckwheat diet, you should not allow yourself too much. Add other grains to your diet: protein-rich rice, oatmeal with honey in the water, millet and lentils.

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