how long does it take to see weight loss?

Do you know the impatience when you start a new diet? Maybe you step on the scales with hope every day to see if and how long does it take to see weight loss?

But is there actually a rule about how long it takes until the first weight loss results are visible? What does it depend on?

First successes with a normal diet

There is a very typical weight loss process in normal diets. At the beginning you lose weight relatively quickly. Over time, the weight loss gets less and less until it eventually stagnates. Then your weight will usually slowly increase again. Often times you come out at the same weight that you started at, sometimes even a little more.

Have you also observed this weight loss process in yourself? I want to share with you why this pattern is.

Your fixed weight point and losing weight

Depending on the circumstances that your body and subconscious perceive around you, they constantly determine your fixed weight point. This fixed weight point is the weight that will maximize your chances of survival under the current circumstances.

Your body adjusts your metabolism and everything else to reach and maintain this fixed point. For example, it increases or decreases your thyroid activity. The mechanism behind it is many thousands of years old and comes from the history of human development.

When there was not enough food, the weight fixture increased to build a reserve. If there was enough, the weight fixed point could go down again.

With this knowledge we can now explain the typical course of the diet: If your body has a high weight fixed point and you are suddenly consuming fewer calories through a diet, you only lose weight because your body receives less energy. Over time, however, your body notices that its emergency reserve is being used up and it begins to shut down your metabolism and activate better fat storage. Therefore, with the same, lower calorie intake, you suddenly lose less weight and eventually stagnate. In addition, your body makes you more and more hungry and forces you to come back to your old fixed point of weight.

This old survival mechanism explains exactly the typical diet-weight-loss process.

Many situations can suggest to your body that there is not enough food, which is why it adjusts its fixed weight point upwards.

With a diet, in most cases, you will not see any lasting weight loss success at all

So you can see that with a diet you usually have the first weight loss successes quickly, but these are not permanent. In this blog post, you can find out more about whether losing weight without a diet is even possible and what science says about it.

In order to have permanent weight loss success, you can lower your fixed weight point.

How do you lower your fixed weight point

The first step in lowering your weight fixture is understanding why it increased in the first place.

Are external causes such as diets that directly simulate famine being the cause?

Or are they emotional causes such as fears, feelings of deficiency or need for protection? This list of 80 possible causes, which you can download for free, gives you a good basis to find out your personal emotional causes.

Identifying emotional causes is the first step. However, you can then also loosen it to lower your fixed weight point. I personally find tapping to be the most effective and best method to resolve emotional causes. You can download two tapping meditations for free here to test it for yourself. But of course, there are also numerous other methods such as visualizations or other meditations to resolve emotional issues.

I will go into detail on the external cause diet in this blog post .

How quickly do you see the first weight loss successes when you have reduced your fixed weight point?

So the really sustainable method to lose weight is to reduce your fixed weight. You make it clear to your body that “you have everything you need at all times, so you don’t need an emergency reserve”. It will then boost your metabolism on its own, make you more active, make your fat storage function less efficient and make you feel full earlier.

The process is exactly the opposite of a diet: At the beginning you will only notice an internal change. You will feel lighter and better. Outwardly, you won’t lose that much weight yet and it can even happen that you are constantly surprised that you are not as slim as you feel. The first successes in weight loss take place in you, outwardly it takes you to measure them.

Losing weight also comes at intervals. Suddenly you will notice that you have lost a lot in a short time. Then comes another period in which your body prepares the next interval internally and you do not lose anything. 

Don’t let yourself get frustrated here but make it clear to yourself again and again that this is the normal process.

It’s best to put your scale away, because it only frustrates you and always means stress if you are currently in a plateau phase. Instead, learn to feel inside your body again. The most important thing is not your weight anyway, but that you think you are beautiful and feel good!

Over time, you will lose weight faster and easier, especially if you keep working on the internal and external causes of your internal famine.

How long it takes until you have your dream body cannot be said in general terms. It depends on where you start, of course. But it particularly depends on how well you solve the causes of your internal famine. Because especially as long as you are subconsciously convinced that you need a protective layer, you will not be able to take it off easily and permanently. This is why it is so important for lasting weight loss success to identify your emotional causes and then resolve them.

Eternal impatience

I know them very well myself: the eternal impatience but also the doubt. They kept coming up to me and I thought “But what if it doesn’t work?”, “Why does it take so long?”, “Maybe I ate too much!”.

It’s absolutely okay to have these thoughts. It is only important that you catch up with yourself and center yourself. The more relaxed you are, the faster and easier you will lose weight. The more stressed you are and the more you put yourself under pressure, the more difficult it becomes.

Here, too, tapping is a wonderful technique to bring yourself back into calm and confidence.

Final thoughts

I know how difficult it can be to have trust when your body is not yet what you want it to be. And I also know how easily doubts arise again and again.

It always helped me to realize that I finally understood why my body behaved the way it did. Before that I always tried to fight him instead of understanding him and working with him. 

The thought that your body is just trying to protect you can also help. Also, make it clear to yourself what you are grateful for to your body. No matter what he looks like right now, you will always find something to be thankful for.

So give yourself the time to learn to be relaxed and, above all, to trust your body that it will do everything at exactly the right time and at its own pace. Because the more relaxed you are, the easier it is for you to resolve your inner famine and thus lower your fixed weight point. And then your body will finally work with you to permanently become your dream body.

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