Healthy People 2021 Goals – 20 Simple Goals to be Healthier in 2021

Okay, I believe that having a healthier life is one of the number 1 goals for many people every new year.

Because one thing is certain, with healthy habits, with health, we are able to be more whole and willing to go in search of the other things we want or need.

And speaking of a goal, have you sat down and started making the list of everything you want to change, accomplish, achieve healthy people’s 2021 goals.

But this time I hope you will not let your resolutions get lost along the year.

Because we know that it is common to start a new year focused on meeting our goals, but with the rush of day to day we end up getting bogged down and leaving everything aside.

So I found it very worthwhile to bring some tips from the weight loss specialist Amilia Peterson. She comments that:


healthy people 2021 goals: 20 simple goals to be healthier in 2021

So, let’s highlight that to have a healthier life you don’t need to do crazy things, spend lots of money, since there are “simple attitudes”, things of the day that if changed or improved will make a big difference.

Believe me, it will be a big leap towards a healthier life and although some of these attitudes may seem trivial, they pass by.

So, I’m sure that when you check out the tips for healthy people 2021 goals, you’ll find that you should improve several of them.

Ah, there will be 20 tips, but one important thing to say is, do it little by little, one step at a time and as you incorporate and consolidate the change, add another one, because all at once can overwhelm you and be frustrating , making you give up.

Anyway, will we hit those goals next year?

1 – Drink the ideal amount of water

healthy people 2021 goals

We already know that daily hydration is super important and is integrally related to a better functioning of the body and mind.So the ideal is to drink 35ml for each kg for those who are sedentary and 70ml for those who exercise. Do the calculation there, it’s quick.

Tip for those who forget to drink water:

  • Set alarms on your cell phone or download an app that monitors and sends notifications about your daily water intake.
  • Always carry a small bottle in your purse or leave it on your desk, for example, so that when you look, you will remember to ingest the liquid.

2 – Consume more fruits and vegetables

Consume more fruits and vegetables

The moment is ideal for inserting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Besides being delicious and nutritious, they are rich in water and fibers that strengthen the intestinal flora avoiding several diseases, in addition to its vitamins and minerals that nourish the cells and avoid such hidden hunger ”.

The advantage is that the variety is great, and of course you don’t have to like them all, but understand that diversifying is essential, ok?


  • However, if you are not a big fan of eating pure fruit/vegetables, start preparing fruit popsicles, fruit salad, vegetable tartlets, and detox juices with fruits, vegetables, and vegetables, for example. There are many recipes on the internet.
  • To make your costs cheaper, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3 – Vary the foods

It’s time to diversify the menu further. Therefore, try new types of food, including those that you tried to eat once and did not like, however, prepared in another way, you may be surprised.

By the way, get organized, make the shopping list, plan your meals, create a weekly, monthly menu, whichever is easier for you. So, you will have an orientation that will facilitate your day to day.

Healthy food Tip: 

“The more you vary healthy foods, the more different vitamins and minerals will be offered to the body, which will help speed up metabolism, prevent disease, and help the immune system!”

4 – Eat without excess sodium

In turn, excessive consumption of salt can cause health problems such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

That way, pay attention to how much salt you put in your food, and it gradually decreases. Observe the labels, too, as you may be consuming enough sodium and not even know

Remember, the villain in himself is not the salt, but the sodium he carries.

Cooking Tip:

  • Prepare a delicious and healthy Herbal Salt by combining various spices to your taste, beaten in a blender with a pinch of salt. So you enhance the flavor without having to overdo the sodium.

5 – Use sugar to your advantage

We know that excesses are never good, don’t we?

So, like salt, sugar can be a villain in healthy eating.

When ingested in abundance, it is capable of causing diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Sweet Tip:

  • Gradually decrease the amount used in coffee, tea, and juices.
  • Also, replace the sweetened fruit juice with fresh fruit.
  • In cakes and pies, substitute sugar for dried fruits (dates, raisins) or natural
  • And when the crazy urge to eat chocolate hits, prefer 70% cocoa.

6 – Throwing force on real food

We cannot deny that industrialized foods are practical for consumption; however, they often have artificial and synthetic chemicals that do not contribute to those who want to achieve the goal of being healthier.

So I ask you, is it worth gaining this practicality at the expense of quality of life, your health?

So, consume real food, that which is found in nature.“Real food is the food you find in nature and has not been modified. Throw strength on him and he will throw strength and vitality at you! ”

7 – Pay more attention to packaging

Start looking at the labels, the information on the food packaging, its nutrients and compositions before you buy it. That way, you will understand what you are eating.

If, as it happens, the packaging does not present such clear information, they may be masking something and the product is certainly not healthy.

Tip: “So, for healthy people, 2021 goal try to unpack less and peel more!” (I already adopted this and I always speak in my blog!)

8 – Keep an eye on drinks

Keep an eye on drinks

This goal applies to all beverages, especially soft drinks, concentrated juices and alcohol.

Excessive intake of industrialized drinks can help in obtaining and worsening health problems. After all, they are not real drinks. Leave it to special events (I chose to remove them from my life).

Flavored Tip:

  • “How about starting to enjoy natural teas and water flavored with fruits and herbs? Your body and mind will thank you. ”
  • Detox Juice
  • Coffee
  • Vegetable milk

9 – Make new friends and take care of old ones

Disconnect a little bit from social media and connect with people. This goal has everything to do with the technological age in which we are living.

Studies show that maintaining the bonds of friendship is a great secret to true happiness and longevity. Nothing replaces human warmth.

Expert tip:

“Detach more from the cell phone and attach more to people. Friends who can laugh and cry together, make small talk and visit, can supply what no material good provides within us. ”

10. Move the body

 20 simple goals to be healthier in 2021

Many people have this goal in common on the list, and the next year may be the time to start practicing physical activity finally.

If you are sedentary, start by taking short walks or replacing the elevator with stairs, for example.

You can opt for simple activities and do them at home, such as jumping rope, having a punching bag, a treadmill, or exercise bike in a room in the house.

Anyway, the important thing is to start, move, leave this state of just living for work, give your body a little attention and practice some physical activity.

You will see that after 1 month, the body will be used to it, and you will be able to intensify the exercise, doing at least 15 minutes a day. If possible and you are able, seek the assistance of a physical education professional.

Runners Tip:

  • For those who want to lose weight have HIIT: fast, complete, and pleasurable. There are several series available on YouTube.
  • Or do some other physical activity that gives you pleasure, seek professional accompaniment (gym, swimming, walking, running, dancing, etc.)

11 – Develop culinary skills

 Develop culinary skills

Preparing your own food is a way to have more control of your food, as you will know exactly what you are eating.

Developing and improving culinary skills can be a good goal for 2021 because, in addition to being a hobby that sharpens creativity, it is also a justification for eating what you like in a healthy way. After all, you choose the foods.

You see, you will not be a chef (unless it is your goal). The aim is to have tools to prepare your food healthily, not being held hostage by others or the industrialized.

Pro Tip:

  • Watch cooking videos,
  • purchase recipe e-books,
  • take quick courses,
  • buy a good knife and accessories and have fun creating in the kitchen

12 – Plan your week in advance

Make a calendar and, in it, put all your activities of the week, including the food menu, physical exercises, free time, among others.

Nothing better than an organized week to be able to complete all the goals.

Pro Planning Tip:

  • You can write everything down in a notebook or
  • download apps that help you plan weekly (if you want a tip, just ask me).

13 – Sleep more and better

Sleep more and better

People who sleep poorly or inappropriately tend to suffer from a dysregulated organism and increased hunger.

This is a factor for weight gain, in addition to stress, irritability, tiredness, etc.

To have that invigorating sleep, which will help you maintain or reach the ideal weight, it is essential to sleep well. It is usually indicated around 8 am daily.

Experts Tip:

  • Avoid hectic and intense activities before bed, as well as cell phones and news.
  • The room must be in darkness and total silence.
  • Have a warm tea of ​​passion fruit with chamomile.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.
  • If you like it, make a playlist with songs to sleep

14 – Organize the agenda

We have already talked about having an organized agenda. Still, within the list of tasks, it is essential to select what is a priority daily and leave it to carry out other activities as you conclude the priorities.

Trying to do everything simultaneously will only cause stress and anguish, jeopardizing the goal of becoming a person with a better quality of life.

Remember that it is necessary to maintain balance. When productivity is affecting your health, it is no longer beneficial and will only hinder it.

Tip: Make the most complex or difficult decisions every morning when your brain is still full of energy.

15 – Achievable goals to start

In the beginning, start with objective goals that will be achievable. Then, improve them and select another one. As you conclude, you will realize how motivating it is.


  • Don’t be radical, to the point of trying to cut all sweets as early as January or wanting to run a marathon until February.
  • Start small and gradually with small changes that will become effective changes at the end of the year and life.

16. Be persistent

The beginning will be very challenging, after all, you are looking to improve, but know that it is very important to persist!

Can slips happen? Yes, and it is normal.

However, it is essential that you stay focused and start over the next day. It is necessary to understand that the days will not always be appropriate to become a healthy person, but following it depends only on you.

Tip: “Having someone inspiring, who supports and encourages you around, can be a great ally. A mentor, a friend or someone you can count on when you think about giving up ”.

17 – Taking care of financial life

Being financially organized is a goal that, when accomplished, will make a person healthier mentally. Realize that it is a set of things that, in balance, improve your quality of life.

Be in control of how much you are earning, how you are spending, and if you can save and invest your money to get your head on the pillow and sleep well.

Make expense spreadsheets to have better control of profits and losses. It is a way to monitor your savings for the next month efficiently.

Pro Financial Tip:

There are several apps, consultancies, and professionals dedicated to helping you organize your financial life. I use the Organize app is excellent. It has a free version and some plans.

Currently, I am taking an online course to supplement my income and maybe become my only job.

18 – Do what makes you happy

healthy people 2021 goals

Be sure to have time for you to do what makes you happy, in the end this is our main goal.

Set aside 1 hour a day or as long as you can, to do something you love until this habit becomes frequent. This will make each day more enjoyable.

Happiness Tip:

It can be painting, dancing, running, learning a new language, working out, playing an instrument, cooking, reading, writing, learning something new.

19 – Have rewards

Having a reward when you think you’re doing well on your goals is paramount.

Do something you enjoy, like going out with friends, dancing, watching a show, or even staying at home doing nothing.

The important thing is to recognize your effort, value it, reward yourself, and practice healthy habits.

Tip: Look in the mirror. Praise yourself more. Congratulate yourself. Feel more proud of you.

And remember: Feelings are only rewarded with another feeling, never with things.

20 – Count on the help of professionals

You are not alone, and you can count on professionals’ help, as they are trained and specialized in a certain subject and will be able to support you to achieve your goals.

If you think you need help completing any goal, contact a trusted professional.

And finally, understand that you can reach the end of the year and not have fulfilled your entire list of goals. However, if you manage to accomplish and maintain 20% of the goals above, you will be 80% healthier and happier! You bet.

Gradually you get there! And you can start now, don’t wait until later.

Now tell me, is any of the above goals between what you want for 2021? What did you think of the list? Will it help you?

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