These five tips can help relieve headaches – without pain killers

What helps against a headache?

five tips can help relieve headaches

Headaches often have understandable causes, such as overexertion, weather changes, colds, stress, bad air. If you don’t want to take painkillers straight away, you should grab the problem at the nearby root: airing, resting, getting enough sleep and drinking.

For the everyday headache as most people know it, there are also small first measures that can lead to relief even without painkillers.

Important : If the pain persists or intensifies, a doctor should clarify the cause, the same applies to headaches in children or regular attacks, which can indicate a migraine, for example.

For tension headaches: heat and cold

Both general and targeted heat can help against tension headaches. Appropriate measures include a hot bath, a visit to the sauna, heat pillows, hot and humid compresses that are placed on the shoulders and neck, and, if there is little time: a hairdryer.

When bathing and showering, it is best to slowly increase the temperature within ten to 15 minutes within a tolerable range in order to relieve tension. The same applies to the cold: Either rinse off alternately cold and warm or take cold arm and foot baths.

Head massages for headaches

A short pressure massage is worth a try, especially for pain that can be located behind the forehead. This is how it works: Run your fingertips over your temples in circular movements, a finger’s breadth next to your eyebrows. Breathe in and out deeply, close your eyes.

Additionally, it can help to involve the scalp. Other pain points on the face: in the middle above the eyebrows, the depressions behind the ears, and the bridge of the nose.

Proven home remedy: peppermint oil

The pain clinic Kiel and the German Migraine and Headache Society recommend the use of peppermint oil for tension headaches, especially as an alternative to repeated use of painkillers. Applied to the forehead and temples (avoid large areas around the eyes), the cooling effect of the oil can, among other things, promote blood circulation and alleviate symptoms.

Going for a walk helps

Banal, but effective: If you look at the screen all day in a poorly ventilated office, you should go to the door shortly. This helps in several ways: aimless strolling calms you down, your gaze can wander into the distance, the fresh air invigorates and your tense limbs get movement. Obvious advice: Regular exercise prevents headaches.

drink coffee

A regular meal is ideally not only a relaxing break, but also helps against headaches. Because: A falling blood sugar level can cause headaches. So it’s best not to wait too long to eat.

Diet is also important: fatty and sweet foods can trigger or worsen the headache. If the head is already pounding, coffee can help in the short term, but only in moderation: those who regularly drink a lot of coffee run the risk of withdrawal symptoms – which in turn causes headaches.

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