Boiled Egg Diet | One Week Boiled Egg Diet Guide 2020

There are different versions of egg weight loss plan, but as you might imagine, all of them require you to eat mainly boiled egg diet-based foods. These are the most popular variants:

Can you lose weight on an egg diet?

14-day egg diet: If you choose this version of the diet plan, you will eat three meals a day. You will not consume any snacks, nor will you consume calories in beverages. Every day, you eat a meal of eggs, but other meals can revolve around other lean protein sources, such as chicken or fish. To supplement the protein on your plate, you can add low-carb vegetables such as broccoli or spinach. Sometimes citrus fruits are allowed. This diet is sometimes referred to as the “boiled egg diet ” and requires you to eat hard-boiled eggs instead of boiled, fried, or fried.

Egg Diet

Take a look at the egg diet menu below to help improve metabolism, burn fat, do not need to go hungry, and never get fat again. At the same time, you must drink a lot of water, at least 8 cups or more a day. In addition to nourishing the cells, it also helps to detoxify. The reason for feeling hungry may be insufficient water. The body has enough water to effectively lose weight.

One Week Boiled Egg Diet:


Breakfast: Grapefruit + 2 eggs
Lunch: Chicken + salad
Dinner: 2 eggs, salad, 1 orange


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Lunch: Steamed vegetables + 2 cooked eggs
Dinner: Salad with 1 portion of fish


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Lunch: Chicken + Salad
Dinner: 2 eggs + 1 orange + vegetarian salad


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Lunch: Low fat cheese + steamed vegetables + 2 eggs.
Dinner: Chicken + Salad


Breakfast: Same as Monday.
Lunch: Tuna Salad.
Dinner: 2 eggs + Salad


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Lunch: Chicken and Salad
Dinner: Fruit


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Lunch: Chicken + Steamed vegetables
Dinner: like lunch.

Repeat this Menu in the second week as well.

Boiled eggs are both very low in calories and filling. They are rich in protein so they contribute well to the energy requirement.

Benefits of this diet

This diet promises to lose weight in record time: between 5 and 10 pounds in two weeks. It’s short, so easy to follow, and the menus are simple and affordable.

Boiled Egg Diet Results Before And After

one week boiled egg diet
boiled egg diet results before and after

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Diet

The promise of this diet: lose between five and ten pounds in two weeks. Obviously, these figures depend on the person’s morphology and their sporting activity. It is however not recommended to do this diet for more than two weeks.

The definite advantage of this diet is its simplicity. And in addition, these foods are very affordable.

The major problem is that there are not many varieties on the menus. As we remove dairy products, slow sugars etc … this can lead to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals … and promotes fatigue! And above all, despite the satiating effect of eggs, it causes a certain weariness (sometimes even disgust), which causes the feeling of hunger.

This is a perfect diet for those who love eggs and want to lose weight! This “hard-boiled” diet, which is also called the Mayo diet without any link being established between it and this sauce, has been popular since the 1980s and comes directly from the United States.

The disadvantages are also including a risk of deficiency. However, the diet is short enough so that it does not cause irreparable damage. Weariness may also be invited during these two weeks. It is up to you to show willpower and rigor to get to the end of your troubles.

Try the hard-egg diet and quickly lose your unwanted little curves.

Moreover, the most common side effect of an egg diet is lack of energy due to lack of carbohydrates.

Switching to this diet can also cause nausea, constipation, gas and bad breath! This is due to the fact that your digestive system has to adapt.

Because eggs have no fiber, you will need to include other foods that have fiber. That way your intestines will still be intact.

This type of diet is not sustainable, so it is important to have a healthy eating routine after this diet. Otherwise, it is useless!

Egg Diet Substitutions

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, good fatty acids and excellent quality amino acids that cannot be replaced by another source of protein unless you are allergic. Hard-boiled eggs are a real boost to weight loss. If you are a cholesterol-prone person refrain from consuming the yolk and if you are allergic replace the egg as a last resort with a small steak or ham.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Lose Weight On An Egg Diet?

The hard-boiled egg diet is a diet that is done over a very short time (two weeks) and that only offers low-calorie menus (at the rate of 800 to 1000 calories ingested during the day).
Composed mainly of hard-boiled eggs, as its name suggests, there are also steamed vegetables, white meats, fish, herbal teas, and citrus fruits to eliminate toxins. But why hard-boiled eggs?
Simply because they are both satiating and low in calories. Rich in protein, they, therefore, help to prevent you from getting tired during the day which could happen with low-calorie meals.
The promise of this diet: lose between five and ten pounds in two weeks. Obviously, these figures will depend on the person’s morphology and their sporting activity. It is however not recommended to do this diet for more than two weeks.

How much weight can you lose on the boiled egg diet?

Boiled Egg Weight Loss Method can lose 11 kg (22.2 pounds) in 2 weeks. The food in the menu mainly includes boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, salad, orange and citrus fruit. If you want to get results quickly (weight loss), the boiled egg weight loss method is ideal.

How Many Eggs Can I Eat A Day To Lose Weight?

According to the medical community egg diet is not the safest way to lose weight. As per Harvard Medical School, it is dangerous for women to consume less than 1,200 calories per day and for men to consume less than 1,500, unless they are supervised by a medical professional. With the egg diet, you will be 1,000 calories a day.
Eating up to seven eggs per week would reduce the risk of stroke. A study carried out in 2015 even confirmed that people with diabetes could eat far more eggs than what had been offered to them before.
In conclusion, this diet will make you lose 11 kg in 2 weeks. But you have to stick to 2 weeks, because this diet is not made to last over time. Unfortunately, if you don’t take a healthy eating routine after this diet, you will gain the weight you just lost. So, no more than 2 weeks! And eat healthy afterwards and everything will be ok!

Note: Your health is priceless. It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting any diet. If you feel bad, stop. If you suffer from diseases, deficiencies or other things, this diet is not suitable.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have other tips to share, feel free to put them in the comments below.

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