Metabolism diets|Pros, Cons, and How It Works

A diet plan adapted to individual metabolism is promised, which makes the pounds drop. But what are the benefits of such diets? The essentials in brief Metabolism diets: Personalized nutrition is a future trend and apparently many roads lead to Rome. For years, various providers have been marketing a wide variety of diets, all of which are

Diet tips for men|Weight Loss Diet Tips for Men

Power, fitness, and vitality well into old age can be achieved if a man does a little for it. Sweat-inducing physical activity is not the only thing you should do, a healthy diet is just as important. In the meantime, more and more men have recognized this, but sometimes there is still a bit of a problem

Caffeine: just an apparent pick-me-up?

Caffeine is a stimulating component of luxury foods such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, mate, guarana, and cocoa. It is colloquially referred to in teas as “Teein” or “Thein”. Caffeinated plants are common in warm climates. It is found in the seeds and leaves of the coffee bush (Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta, Africa) and in over

Healthy nutrition for beautiful skin

It is, therefore, an important task to give our apprentices an awareness of healthy living; – To impart the knowledge to you to come to your own understanding of the importance of “being healthy” and “to be healthy” and to be able to pass this knowledge on and apply it in your job. The question of nutrition

Dietary fiber: multifunctional health care products

But what makes fiber so special and how does it work? Dietary fiber is an indigestible component of plant foods. High-fiber foods include whole grains, legumes, apples, bananas, lettuce, nuts, or dried fruit. 100 g of potatoes contain approx. 2 g, a banana 4 g, and with two slices of wholemeal bread you already consume 10 g

Poppy seeds: gray gold from the Waldviertel

In the Austrian Waldviertel, where poppy seeds are grown on a large scale, the landscape blooms in beautiful red in springtime. Poppy cultivation has a long tradition here. Poppy cultivation in the Waldviertel dates back to the 13th century.  Monks brought the “gray gold” from the Mediterranean to the Waldviertel and used it as a medicinal

Vitamin D – the sun vitamin – Article overview

Vitamin D, or cholecalciferol, is a vitamin that is formed in the skin when exposed to sunlight and, in its hormone-active form, 1,25- (OH) 2-D, has a variety of biological effects. In the twenties, vitamin D was only known for ensuring stable bones and preventing rickets, but today we know that vitamin D also plays an