Apple diet

The apple diet is one of the simplest and most affordable diets and allows you to achieve tangible results. But, according to nutritionists, when eating apples alone, you need to be careful, as with any other mono-diet.

Apple diet

What you need to know about the apple diet

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  • Nutritionist reviews

Pros of the apple diet

One of the main advantages of the apple diet is its affordability. Apples are found in stores at any time of the year, and are inexpensive, which makes the diet a budget.

The diet is suitable for people who do not eat meat for ethical or physical reasons, as it does not contain animal proteins. A large amount of vitamins has a beneficial effect on the immune system, and pectin envelops the stomach and stimulates the intestines. This will avoid intestinal atony, which can occur with insufficient nutrition during the diet.

For a week of eating light food, it is easier to adjust to a balanced diet in the future.

Cons of the apple diet

The diet is difficult psychologically and often leads to breakdowns, during which people overeat high-calorie foods. In this way, the body signals severe nutritional deficiencies and stress. Apples stimulate hunger, and it will be difficult to hold back and not eat too much.

After the end of the diet, even after avoiding breakdowns during it, you cannot eat as before, since the lost pounds will immediately return. The body, which was in the energy-saving mode, will begin to replenish the lost.

During the diet, physical activity is excluded, since training in the absence of protein will lead to muscle loss, not fat burning. There is also a breakdown, weakness.

The diet is prohibited for pregnant women, lactating women, with diseases of the intestines and stomach. The acid in apples can trigger gastritis and ulcers, and excess fiber can cause flatulence and pain.

7-day menu for apple diet

The classic diet consists of only apples and water. But this is extremely harmful to the body and is difficult to tolerate, so we will consider an easier option in which it is allowed to add rye crackers, kefir and chicken breast.

You can eat up to 1.5 kg of unsweetened, hard apples per day. To make the fruit not so bored, buy different varieties and cook dishes from apples – mashed potatoes, salads, bakeapples.

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 apples, several rye croutons without additives

Lunch: a glass of kefir, applesauce

Dinner: 2 fresh apples
Day 2

Breakfast: a glass of kefir, applesauce

Lunch: boiled chicken breast, fresh apple

Dinner: 2 baked apples

Day 3

Breakfast: salad of grated apples and cinnamon

Lunch: 2 apples, a few rye croutons without additives

Dinner: 2 baked apples

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 baked apples, a glass of kefir

Lunch: 2 baked apples with a spoonful of honey

Dinner: salad of grated apples and cinnamon

Day 5

Breakfast: a glass of kefir, applesauce

Lunch: boiled chicken breast, fresh apple

Dinner: 2 baked apples

Day 6

Breakfast: a salad of grated apples and cinnamon

Lunch: 2 apples, several rye croutons without additives

Dinner: a glass of kefir, applesauce

Day 7

Breakfast: fresh apple, green tea

Lunch: boiled chicken breast, fresh apple

Dinner: 2 baked apples
AdviceReducing hunger will help fractional meals at least 5 times a day, eat apples fresh between main meals.


For a week of the apple diet, you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight. However, some of it may be lost muscles that have not received protein.

You need to leave the diet smoothly, gradually adding lean meat, fish, dairy products and cereals.

To avoid dizziness and weakness, you need to limit physical activity to a minimum, which reduces the effectiveness of the diet. But you can’t starve and exercise at the same time.

Nutritionist reviews

-Any mono-diet is a serious stress for the body and is generally not recommended. With the apple diet, there is a serious lack of fats and proteins, and the substances contained in them cannot replenish them. The potential loss of energy and digestive problems. It is recommended to take multivitamins and consult a doctor before a diet.

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