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Lose weight effectively depending on your blood sugar type

What is the ABC Diet?

In Goldmann Verlag, the nutrition counselor appears “The ABC Diet” by Dr. med. Arne Astrup and Christian Bitz. Lose weight with recipes according to the appropriate blood sugar types.

Nutritionists have puzzled over the question of whether fat makes you fat or rather carbohydrates for over 30 years. According to the latest findings, personal blood sugar levels seem to play a decisive role here. In this respect, people should view weight loss individually based on metabolic type, fatty, or high-carbohydrate foods.

ABC Diet

Many diets fail because they do not take into account the person’s blood sugar type. With the help of the ABC diet, one can determine one’s own type and develop an individual diet plan in order to be slim and healthy. 

First of all, I am not diabetic nor my family member is in this target group but I was very interested in this topic. If you can assign yourself to a group and follow this book with your diet, you can achieve good results with an ABC diet

The authors explain the different blood sugar groups in an understandable way and show the foods that have a filling effect. They describe when the feeling of hunger and satiety sets in. There are seven different tricks for feeling full. 

A small test can describe the typical characteristics of the various ABC types and we can also make personal assignments. According to the information I am classing myself with type A, with normal blood sugar levels. If you know your type, you can find the right nutritional suggestions in the recipe sections. 

The ingredients for a family are simply used differently in the amount. 
With type A: a lot of vegetables, little fat, and a normal amount of carbohydrates, the body is already sufficiently supplied and even burns fat reserves. 

In addition, different information is given on how to save fat or what foods with a low glycemic index are. 

The big question is when does blood sugar level rise in which type?

abc diet plan

The following is the suggestions for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner:  

Scrambled eggs with ham
Skyr / Joguhrt with fruit
fried egg with rye bread 
Chiagr├╝tze with blueberries  snacks: taps skewer with tarragon blueberry smoothie raw Sandwich Lunch:  Steamed leeks with onions, olives, and capers  Vegetarian Salad Chicken salad shrimp cocktail  smoked salmon with salad dinner: smoked mackerel with salad Spicy coconut soup duck breast with salad
Grilled fillet of beef with onions and beetroot vegetables
Roasted pikeperch 
Beef salad
chop with strawberry salad
Tikka Masala
pumpkin soup


abc diet Breakfasts

As you can see, there are many different suggestions, there are already some delicious dishes that you can easily incorporate into your nutritional plan. Guide to determining the glycemic index and protein content continues to educate consumers. The keyword index makes it easier to find individual terms and of course the recipes. 

All suggestions for ABC DIET look very appetizing, fill you up, and are healthy. If you eat this, you get the fiber and nutrients you need and you can even lose weight. The high-quality book offers great suggestions for the whole family and, depending on the disease, you only have to change the ingredients in the amount according to the blood sugar types. 

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