1700 Calories Diet: 1700 calorie vegetarian diet plan 2020

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably already spent some time figuring out how many calories you should eat each day, and you also know that getting a clear answer to this question can be especially difficult. Because the truth is, you can’t say that there is one precise number of calories that will suit everyone, and eating balance and weight loss have to be seen far more than a simple calculation.

Can you lose weight on 1700 calories Diet?

1700 Calories Diet per day is an interesting caloric intake for an average person (women = 2000 Calories, Men = 2500 Calories on average). With a well-distributed diet, you will lose weight in quality that is to say with a good fat ratio.

Is it healthy to eat 1700 calories a day? Or is 1700 calories a day too little?

In order to lose 10 Kg with a diet of 1700 Calories Diet per day, you will need 6 to 16 weeks. This difference depends on many factors: your caloric needs as well as your current situation: obese or not. According to these two criteria mainly, you will tend more towards 6 or 16 weeks.

You can consult my associated advice for a diet in 1 month, a weight loss in 2 months, or 3 months.

Therefore, I decided to provide you with 3 types of diet at 1,700 Kcal per day depending on your body type.

Macros for 1700 Calorie Diet

1,700 Calorie Menu: Ectomorph

  • Morning: 540 Cal.

1 white cheese yogurt 0% (70 Cal.)
1 portion of Special K cereal (80gr) with Milk (200 Ml) (370 Cal.)
1 Banana (100 Cal.)

  • Noon: 730 Cal. 

Cooked tuna (100 gr) (190 Cal.)
Midi vegetables (red/green pepper, eggplant, onion, zucchini, garlic) (200 gr) (130 Cal.)
Basmati white rice cooked (200gr) (180 Cal.)
2 plain yogurts with 1 fresh fruit of your choice (230 Cal.)

  • Evening: 390 Cal. 

Chicken Breast (150gr) (150 Cal.)
Spaghetti (200gr) (170 Cal.)
1/2 Aubergine au gratin (70 Cal.)

  • Total: 1660 Cal.

My opinion on this menu 1500 Calories per day:

– In short, ectomorphs are people who have great difficulty gaining weight. However, do not trust your current weight, as it may be due to the poor diet you have had in recent years or decades. You have no problem-consuming carbohydrates and you need them in quantity even in the diet.

– Thanks to substantial carbohydrate intake, you will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals thanks to fruits and vegetables.

– Moreover, in terms of protein requirements, they will also be met.

Most importantly, the only point on which you can optimize your diet of 1700 calorie meal plan vegan is supplementation with good omega 3 fats. You will not need a burner or appetite suppressant, as you will not have too much trouble burning your fat.

Menu at 1700 Kcal per day: Endomorph

  • Morning: 520 Cal. 

Green tea

4 Egg whites + 1 Yolk (150 Cal)
A small flatbread of whole wheat unleavened bread (70 Cal)
An Apple (50 Cal.)
One yogurt white cheese 0% (70 Cal)
A handful of almonds (90 Cal)
1 tablespoon rapeseed oil (90 Cal)

  • Noon: 580 Cal. 
  • Chicken breast (200 gr) (200 Cal.) 1 portion (150gr) of cooked lentils (150 Cal.)
    Batavia salad / cucumber / onion / lemon juice (70 Cal.)
  • Flaxseed oil (90 Cal.)
  • yogurt white cheese 0% (70 Cal.)
  • Evening: 510 Cal. 

Salmon steak (150 gr) (270 Cal.)
Green beans (200 gr) (80 Cal.)
Yogurt white cheese 0% (70 Cal.)
1 Fillet of rapeseed oil (90 Cal.)

  • Total: 1610 Cal.

My opinion on this diet at 1500 Calories :

– If you are endomorphic, it is because you have an enormous facility in gaining pounds. Generally, you have a rather rounded face and you have always had problems losing pounds.

– Though, if you are more endomorphic in morphology, you will need to have a high protein and lipid level and limit carbohydrates, especially those that are fast.

– This diet of 1700 Calories per day at a very good rate of proteins as well as good fats. It is quite monotonous but well established; you will be at the top in terms of weight loss.

– Moreover, you will not need omega 3; you can use a fat burner on the other hand.

Ps: you are not quite at 1700 Calories on the menu that I offer, however with the cooking of food, you will find yourself more or less 1700 kcal.

Meals 1,700 Calories per day: Mesomorph

  • Morning: 520 Cal.

3 egg whites + 1 Yellow (130 Cal.)
2 small Oat bran pancakes (120 Cal.)
1 Orange (80 Cal.)
1 drizzle of walnut oil (90 Cal.)

  • Noon: 640 Cal.

Spaghetti Bolognese (300 Cal.)
Asparagus (200 gr) (50 Cal.)
2 yogurts 0% fromage blanc (140 Cal.)
1 handful of walnuts (90 Cal.)
1 Kiwi (60 Cal.)

  • Evening: 530 Cal.

Canned sardines drained (150 gr) (180 Cal.)
Cooked quinoa (100 gr) (120 Cal.)
Steamed zucchini (200 gr) (50 Cal.)
1/2 Avocado (180 Cal.)

  • Total: 1690 Cal

My opinion on this menu 1700 Calories per day:

– The Mesomorph is located between the ecto and the endo. He has no trouble gaining weight, but he can also lose weight quickly when he puts it on.

– Therefore, for this morphology, you have to be more or less in between: a good level of protein, carbohydrates, but not as much as the ectomorph and a little good lipid (but not as much as the endomorph).

– The menu at 1,700 daily calories is well balanced. You do not necessarily need vitamin supplements, omega 3 is always good to take, but turn more to a good effective fat burner to optimize this fat loss.

How many carbs should I eat on a 1700 calorie diet?

There are two ways of deciding the amount of carbs when you are on a 1700 calorie diet?

  1. 50-100 grams per day = Easy weight loss

Insulin production is minimal and weight loss between 0.5 and 1 kilo per week is possible by ensuring that eating enough protein and good fats.

It is the ideal area to lose weight easily. Once the ideal weight has been reached, it is sufficient to return to the maintenance zone.

  • Less than 50 grams per day = Rapid weight loss

Below 50 grams of carbohydrates per day we are close to a ketogenic diet. When practiced correctly this diet is healthy and therapeutic.

Fat loss will be maxim ale. However with this diet the low intake of carbohydrates must be compensated properly. If you are not familiar with this diet it is best to stay in the 50-100 gram zone.

Calculate the Number of Calories You Should Eat Each Day

Before making drastic changes in your diet, use a dedicated application for about a week (there are plenty of them, including a number completely free) to record everything you eat.

This will give you an idea of ​​the number of calories you eat each day. Once you have determined the average number of calories you eat daily, try to gradually decrease that number from 250 to 300 calories per day.

You don’t necessarily have to make huge changes to successfully lose weight , because just like the hare and the turtle, it’s by trying to lose weight slowly that you end up achieving it for sure.

The best way to succeed in achieving (and maintaining!) Your healthy weight is to try to develop habits that you can maintain over the long term.

Trying to drastically reduce the number of calories you eat each day or go below 1600 calories per day, for example, can be dangerous for your health and is simply not sustainable.

well, You should never go on a drastic diet and starve yourself because eating too little can lower your metabolism. This can then reduce the basal metabolic rate, that is, the incompressible energy needs that our body needs to function normally. As the number of calories, our body needs decreases, it then becomes even more difficult to continue to lose weight or maintain its line.

Once you have determined the number of calories you should eat each day to reach your weight goal, you can continue to calculate your calories daily for a few more days or a good week to be sure that your goal is achievable and easy to hold on, but after that, you don’t necessarily need to calculate how many calories you eat each day.

Some nutritionists even advise avoiding focusing too much on calories, as it can quickly become an obsession. It is better to focus on healthy foods that you can introduce into your diet, as this will necessarily help you lower your daily calorie intake.


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